Breast and Female Happiness: My Story

Hello, my dear subscribers and readers. Finally, I decided to tell you about the events that happened to me in the last year. I doubted whether my story would be useful for anybody, but then I thought that there are lots of women around the world who faced the same problems as I did, so my experience will be a good example. So…

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My name is Sara, I’m 35. I live in a small town in Oklahoma, and, generally, never regarded myself as an unhappy person. I had decent job for the place where I live, my own small house, and family members nearby. But what I lacked was simple female happiness.

I have always dreamt of a big family: husband and children, but with the time being I started noticing that men do not look at my side, and those who communicate with me do not see a woman in me. Of course, I understood why it was so. I didn’t have these very femininity and zazzle that attract men so much. Of course, my entire appearance wasn’t ugly – normal height and weight, straight pretty legs, but I perfectly realized that the absence of ample curves played the key role in my problematic fate. In other words, I was not satisfied with my boobs, and I couldn’t do anything with it!

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To be sure, I met several men in my life who were interested in having serious relationships with me, but when they stayed for a night, everything ended. As the result, I started experiencing complex of inferiority, low self-esteem. I understood that I am is what I am, and it’s stupid to think that one day I will wake up with D size breasts, and this realization depressed me more and more. Thus, all I had to do was to concentrate on boring and routine job, and get back into my empty house where nobody waited for me.

I became nervous, under confident, easily irritated, and almost put up with such depressed state of mind. Why didn’t I try changing the form and size of my boobs, you can ask? Oh, I did. I bought some remedies for boobs correction, but I won’t tell their names – no point in advertising the things that simply didn’t work for me and gave zero results. The only option left was plastic surgery, but I rejected this variant for two reasons. Firstly, I am sure that body should not be changed by such a radical way, and, secondly, I read a lot of horrible stories about the consequences of such operations. In addition, I knew a bad example – my cousin had implants injected into breasts, and soon doctors diagnosed a serious contamination.

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I would be living unhappy like that and pitying myself everyday further on, if my old school friend Stephanie hadn’t come – I have been inviting her for a long time, and suddenly she agreed to visit me. I didn’t want to see anybody in my previous state, but, surprisingly, she gave me the piece of advice that changed my life dramatically. To tell you the truth, I did not expect to see Stephanie with huge boobs, which made my self-esteem get even lower. I couldn’t hold words back, and asked her where did she get such splendid breasts. I thought she would tell me an address of some elite clinic, but Steph recommended buying CurvyBust instead. I was astonished by that, because I stopped believing in any cream long ago, and was skeptical about such remedies to the bone. Although not inclined to do that, I still bought this CurvyBust, because she advised it.

And then I just started using the cream according to the instruction. Manufacturer claims that if used correctly, the product may enlarge boobs on 1-2 size and improve its shape. Sincerely, I did not believe in this wonder, but just continued using the product by habit. The situation started changing in a month. First I noticed that my usual clothes and underwear became slightly tight for me. Then, gradually, an indescribable, pleasant sensation appeared in boobs – it felt like they were growing bigger, becoming ampler.

Honestly speaking, I was afraid of believing in what I felt and what was happening. A bit later I noticed that men started looking at me somewhat differently, and not only my colleagues, but unknown people, too! After three months of regular using of CurvyBust I measured breast volume and realized that my boobs became one size bigger, and their shape improved considerably, which was clearly seen. Of course, my results are not outstanding, but it was more than enough for me.

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I became much more self-confident, my former psychological restraint disappeared, this very attractiveness I always dreamt about appeared in me. In half a year I was promoted for a better job, which meant far higher salary. But the most important – I met a man of my dream, and, I think, our relationships are getting pretty serious!

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These changes happened to me during the last year. And I am not sure that without having boobs changed I would become the person I am. So I recommend all women never be afraid, and try to get rid of imperfections and disadvantages by sensible methods. And, what matters most – never stop believing in yourself!

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My friend started using CurvyBust six weeks ago, and she already sees visible improvement. She claims that boob shape became far better, and they really look great now! By the way, also bought it here!


Of course, my A cup size didn’t became D, but generally breasts became visually plump and more round, didn’t they? I’m satisfied with the results!


Not sure whether it really works…How can this product make boobs grow? I don’t believe it can make any difference.


Ronnie, I had also been skeptical to CurvyBust until my sister tried it. Before using it, she had small A size boobs, and now it is B, and she admits that their shape is perfect!


I wasn’t hesitating, and decided just to test CurvyBust as soon as I was told about it. Look at my photos: before and after 3 months. Dramatic change!


Ronnie, why don’t you just buy the product and test it? It is not that expensive, and the results are visible. My B size became C+, I didn’t not expect that it would work so well!


Ronnie, just read the information in the Net about how it works. My friend enlarged boobs for 1 size, and I am going to try it myself!


CurvyBust is the best product for breast enlargement I ever tried. Check how much it changed breasts shape! I’m proud of it!


Yes, it can’t make your bust look just like after surgery, but CurvyBust enlarges breasts naturally, which was very important for me. Slight, but very positive change.


When I told my friend that my breasts grew up thanks to CurvyBust, she did not believe me. When I showed her the pictures, she tried it, as well, and observed real shape improvement.


+ 1.5 sizes in 13 weeks. I am so much pleased with this product! Also bought here!


I am so grateful to my husband who bought it for me after pregnancy and breast feeding. CurvyBust helped to restore former shape!


CurvyBust has corrected breast shape considerably in 5 weeks. Great!


The best thing for non-surgical correction. Just look at my photos! It’s 2-months difference.


I tried CurvyBust with my mom. In comparison with other similar products, this one didn’t cause allergy and gave visible results for both us!


This thing did wonders with my appearance. +2 sizes and far sexier shape. I couldn’t dream about it.


My sister tried it and she says it added about half a size and made her boobs look and feel ampler.


The results appeared to be impressive: more round shape, more elastic skin and +1 size. Perfect!


During the first 3 weeks I didn’t see any improvement, but after 2 months of use boobs really enlarged, so now I have to buy new sexy underwear to feel even more confident.

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